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    Poltava Regional Public Health Charity Fund

    04/11/2013 10:51

    Poltava Regional Public Health Charity Fund was established in 2004 by reorganizing of “Anti-AIDS Fund”, which started in 1995 and aimed the HIV/AIDS and socially negative phenomena prevention in Poltava and Poltava region.

    The main purpose of the Poltava Regional Public Health Charity Fund is to promote and support public health, creating of physical, mental, social and spiritual health of the population, services of health and social care in the Poltava region.


    Main activities of the Poltava Regional Public Health Charity Fund:

    From 1997 to nowadays the priority of the Fund is to implement programs of HIV prevention, includingimplementation of Harm Reduction programs among injecting drug users (IDU’s) and commercial sex workers (CSW), which are the main target groups of the Fund.

    1. Harm Reduction from injecting drug using

    There are two needle/syringe exchange outlets, residential consultative point, about 15 outreach routs for IDU’s, where drug addicts get free and anonymous medicines, psychological counseling, referral for HIV / STD testing, treatment and rehabilitation.

    2. Harm Reduction among CSW

    Mobile consultative point for CSW works on Poltava segment of Kyiv-Kharkiv route, for CSW’s, who works mainly with drivers, truckers. This point provides clients with condoms, hygiene and safe drug-using materials (most CSW are drug users), as women get medical and psychological counseling, referral for testing for HIV/STD prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

    3. Early detection of TB in high risk groups

    In 2013 PHF has started the project on early detection of tuberculosis in high risk groups (mainly IDUs). The project includes a survey of clients on syringe exchange units, referral for examination and treatment in TB dispensary (medical consultation, laboratory tests and fluorography).

    4. “Street nurses”

    In 2013 the project “Street nurses” had been started. Its aim is to provide medical consultations and medical care within the outreach work (bandage wounds, measure pressure, temperature, support clients to hospitals), home nursing and medical care.

    5. Publishing

    Charity newspaper “Bila Altanka” with the total circulation of 15 000 copies is published and distributed in 24 regions of Ukraine through a network of NGOs. Newspaper topics – HIV prevention, drug addiction, social negative phenomena, promote of healthy and independent lifestyle. Besides, booklets, brochures and leaflets, oriented on prevention, are published by the Fund.

    6. Interregional Information and Resource Center on HIV/AIDS

    The purpose of Information and Resource Center is to improve the quality of services for HIV prevention and treatment, the development of Harm Reduction strategy, providing technical, methodological and information assistance to state and non-governmental organizations.

    Information and Resource Center Activities: trainings, expert visits, providing technical support, work meetings, seminars etc. More information on http://pirc.org.ua

    6. Social support for PLWH (people, who live with HIV)

    Social Support Service “Altair” established in 2010, with the support of the international organization “Johnson & Johnson” based on Poltava Regional Public Health Charity Fund, aimed at providing social, medical and psychological services to PLWH. The service works on the principle of individual approach.

    7. Primary prevention of HIV/STI and drug


    Specialists of PHF Foundation regularly visit schools, summer camps of Poltava region with a lectures, discussions and training on primary prevention of socially negative phenomena. In 2012 they have developed the interactive preventive game “From knowledge to security” (also called “Tell different”), which is to explain the words of general and preventive topics (socially dangerous diseases, healthy lifestyle etc.). The game is for teenagers and young people from 14 years.




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    Andriy Protopopov, Director

    Irina Slipko, CEO

    Anatoliy Volyk, Coordinator, Editor

    Svetlana Volodska, Manager of Medical programs

    Nikita Volovod, Manager of IRC